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NEW Social Hub in Kota Kinabalu

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Have you heard of Kota Kinabalu’s new meet up point? You may have seen pictures of your friends on Instagram posing next to the slide that spirals around a pillar decorated with intricate designs. The Tamaha Cafe is a newly renovated eatery, more known as Toojou which is actually the hotel above.

Toojou Social Space claims to be “The coolest new hangout spot in town where travel meets social.” The word “Toojou”, often pronounced incorrectly, comes from the Malay word tuju as a "destination" for travellers on their journeys.

Ms Pick Yien Teo, People Development Manager of Toojou told us that they wanted this to be a place for locals to build offline connections with travellers from around the globe and for tourists to learn about the Sabahan culture.

The staircase is painted by local young artists with its own theme on each floor.

The staircase is painted by local young artists with its own theme on each floor.

The hotel offers studio rooms for guests traveling in pairs, as well as capsule beds for the minimalist traveller.

The cafe exudes a modern funky fresh vibe, with high windows that allow unfiltered natural light to accentuate the contemporary designs and to bring out the playful colors of its interior. The menu consist of a fusion of simple local delicacies and western comfort food that perfectly caters to both locals and foreign visitors that are looking for a place to dine and relax.

More than just a hotel and cafe, Toojou also boasts a fun co-working space, overlooking the Tamaha Cafe for working nomads. It is open to guests of the hotel as a common area and is also open to the public at daily, weekly and monthly rates.

The space is called Opis and offers perks such as high-speed wifi, complimentary coffee and snacks and 24 hour access. The laundry mat is located on this floor as well. What really sets Opis apart from other co-working spaces though, is the adult slide. Yes, the slide going down to the cafe is actually for the adults who have access to Opis!

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Things have been busy for Toojou and it seems to buzz with energy but things are only looking up for this social hub as they are about to launch an exciting new rooftop bar called Tamu in September. The stunning view of Kota Kinabalu city comes free! Not only will the rooftop area be used for drinks and games, but they are also planning to host activities such as yoga and meditation workshops at Tamu during the day as well.

This is a place in Bandaran, Kota Kinabalu for people of all backgrounds to get together and for visitors and guests to make new friends and go on new adventures.


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