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7 Things Malaysians Want With Their Homes (Part 5)

It seems that homebuyers, with our widely differing tastes and preferences, simply do not have access to the expected range of real estate options.

6. Green Construction

With record-breaking daily temperatures around the globe, a concern on the minds of many people is the state of our natural environment – which is why this year’s Buyer Sentiment Survey included a battery of questions relating to sustainable buildings and the cost considerations of being environmentally conscious.

How much more would you pay for a home that has been built without any negative impact on the natural environment?

31% of respondents would purchase a sustainably built home if it costs 20% less than a typical property.

Only 11% of respondents stated they had no interest in purchasing a sustainable property, while 13% would consider the purchase of a sustainably built home at any cost. A large percentage stated that they would be interested in purchasing a sustainable building with some variation in cost as compared to traditional buildings: 21% would still be keen if the property costs up to 20% more; 22% if costs were equal; 31% if there would be savings to be had.

Would you prefer a green (eco-friendly) development over a non-green one if prices were roughly the same?

An overwhelming majority (82%) of respondents stated they would consider the purchase of a sustainably built home if costs were equal.

When the question was reframed as a binary choice in the Buyer Sentiment Survey, assuming all costs were equal, an overwhelming majority (82%) stated that they would prefer a sustainable property.

7. Jacuzzis

Perhaps most surprising of all is the apparent return of the communal hot tub. While nearly every strata development in this age includes a swimming pool deck as a matter of course, homebuyers are seemingly gravitating towards the novelty of the jacuzzi rather than a traditional swimming pool.

If you could only choose one, would you prefer a pool or a jacuzzi?

A surprising majority (56%) indicated a preference for jacuzzis over swimming pools.

While the rise of this sentiment may never be fully or accurately explained, there are upsides for developers to consider. There is less floor space required, a significantly lower volume of water to contend with, and potentially lower maintenance costs over the long term with a jacuzzi instead of a swimming pool. However, with complicated water jet systems required to supply therapeutic water flows and the expected sensation of bubbles, the possibility of longer downtimes may have to be considered with this kind of facility.

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