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7 Things Malaysians Want With Their Homes (Part 4)

It seems that homebuyers, with our widely differing tastes and preferences, simply do not have access to the expected range of real estate options.

5. Bare Interiors

One of the ways developers have been attempting to make their properties more attractive, in addition to rebates and extending offers to cover legal fees, is by providing furnishing packages. It may come as a surprise to developers reading this, but there are more people who want their homes bare than there are those who want their properties ready-to-move-in upon purchase.

Do you prefer a home that has been recently renovated or one that is completely bare?

56% of respondents stated that they would prefer acquiring a home that is left bare rather than one that has been fully renovated and ready to move in.

While investors, prospective landlords, and those who prefer fully renovated properties still comprise a large percentage of respondents to our polls on Facebook, the majority of respondents apparently prefer acquiring a blank canvas to work with – and if a completely bare property is not possible, people still prefer a minimalist style of interior decoration to complement their own choices of furniture and finishes.

Which style of interior decoration do you prefer?

The largest segment of respondents (39%) prefer the minimalist style of interior design in their homes.

Rustic, classical, and industrial decorative styles have apparently phased out of popularity – while minimalism, arguably the most adaptable of decorative styles, continues to be the most sought-after school of decoration for the interior.

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