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7 Things Malaysians Want With Their Homes (Part 2)

It seems that homebuyers, with our widely differing tastes and preferences, simply do not have access to the expected range of real estate options.

2. Convenient Location

While the desire for abundant sovereign space is high, Malaysians also prefer properties located within five kilometres of their preferred facilities and less than ten kilometres to their places of work – as revealed by our polls on Facebook and the results of the ongoing Buyer Sentiment Survey.

If you had to travel to access the facilities of your choice, what is a reasonable distance to travel?

Two-thirds (66%) of respondents prefer to live within 5km of their preferred facilities.

In the ongoing Buyer Sentiment Survey, two-thirds (66%) of respondents indicated that they would prefer locations within five kilometres of commercial hubs while only 3% were willing to drive over 25 kilometres for shopping or recreation.

How far away would you be willing to stay from your job?

Two-thirds (67%) of respondents prefer their homes to be less than 10km to their place of work.

In the same survey, a similar proportion of respondents applied the same preference for short-driving distances when it came to their sources of income. It is clear that Malaysians prefer not to have to contend with a lot of traffic – whether for work or for play. With most prospective homebuyers seeking to optimise driving times, the growth of urban centres is expected to continue – at least until the rising congestion of urban environments negates any perceived savings in driving time.

What kind of environment would you prefer your home to be in?

52% of respondents prefer seeking properties in urban environments.

Our polls conducted among Facebook users revealed a slight majority of respondents (53%) stating a preference for living in cities – while 47% still prefer a home in rural environments

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