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Sabah on Course for 4 Million Tourists

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Sabah is on course to achieving four million tourists this year if there is no let up from the increase noted based on tourist arrivals for the first quarter of 2019.

“It’s interesting to note that one out of five China tourists visiting Malaysia lands in Sabah.”

“From the achievement of average monthly arrivals, Sabah would expect to achieve the four million tourist target for the year 2019,” said past President of Sabah Hotels Association Christopher Chan.

That’s if nothing negative comes out from cases like the recent three deaths from blast fishing – one local and two China nationals. 

Markets from Northeast Asia continues to dominate the tourist arrivals to Sabah with a total of 356,764 against the total international market of 484,210 comprising 73.68 per cent.

The latest figures from Sabah Tourism on the top 10 countries from where international tourists originated from to visit Sabah for the first quarter of 2019 are: China – 176,130 (47.43 per cent); South Korea – 82,074 (22.1 per cent); Indonesia – 25,519 (6.87 per cent); Brunei Darussalam – 17,102 (4.6 per cent); Taiwan – 11,800 (3.18 per cent); Philippines – 9,960 (2.68 per cent); United Kingdom & Eire – 7,400 (1.99 per cent); Singapore – 6,506 (1.75 per cent); Japan – 5,585 (1.5 per cent); and United States of America – 5,550 (1.49 per cent)

As an expert, Chan is reporting as an associate in collaboration with property consultant Smiths Gore Sabah.

Tourists arrivals to Sabah for the month of April 2019 was registered at 343,691 compared to 308,827 for the corresponding month in 2018, an increase of 34,864 or 11.29 per cent.

International arrivals for April 2019 was recorded at 112,899 against Malaysian arrivals of 230,795 and compared to 108,181 and 200,646 respectively for the corresponding month last year.

The international arrivals marked an increase of 4,718 or 4.36 per cent and Malaysian arrivals increased by 30,149 or 15.03 per cent respectively. 

Total tourist arrivals up to April 2019 was 1,377,565 compared to 1,256,448 for last year same period, increase by 121,117 or 9.64 per cent.

The overall international figures was 484,210 against 893,355 for Malaysian arrivals against 473,393 and 783,055 for the same period last year respectively.

This indicates an increase in international arrivals of 10,817 or 2.28 per cent but a marked increase in Malaysia arrivals for the same period by 110,300 or 14.09 per cent.

While Southeast Asia arrival up to April 2019 recorded a slight increase from 80,743 compared to 76,850 for the same period last year, up by 3,893 or 5.07 per cent.

Singapore recorded a total of 8,507 for up to April 2019 compared to 7,478 for same period last year, up by 1,029 or 13.76 per cent.

Brunei tourists increased with 5,625 arrivals for April 2019 compared to 4,697 over the corresponding month in 2018, up by 928 or 19.76 per cent.

Up till April 2019, the overall total was recorded at 22,728 compared to 20,506 over the same period last year, up by 2,222 or 10.84 per cent.

Philippines arrivals continue to improve with a total of 3,527 for April 2019 compared to 3,250 recorded for the same month last year. The difference is minor but the overall total until April 2019 is recorded at 13,487 compared to 10,982 over the same period last year, up by 2,505 or 22.81 per cent.

Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam have not shown any positive sign of recovery or improvement in the short run. There’s a need to promote East Malaysia and Brunei in these Asean markets, rather countries further away in West Asia or the Eurasian Continent plagued by economic downturn and political uncertainty.


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