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clock 04-05-2019
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RM155m for Ranau Power Supply

The completion of the 132kV electric transmission line project and the Main Entrance Substation (PMU) which is currently under construction will enable the people here to enjoy more stable electricity by 2021.

General Manager (Major Project) Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB), Ir John Gomez, said, for this project alone, the government has allocated RM155 million, which would benefit over 16,000 existing clients here.

"At this point, the absence of the Sabah Grid system connection has caused the Ranau area to be exposed to the risk of power supply disruption. This is because the Ranau area now relies entirely on limited existing electricity generation rather than increasing electricity demand each year.

"Towards that end, the implementation of the construction project of 132 kiloVolt (kV) Kota Belud-Ranau will benefit the people around Ranau when fully completed," he said.

According to John, this project involves the construction of towers and 74km transmission lines covering Kota Belud, Tuaran and Ranau areas and is expected to be able to supply electricity to consumers by 2021.

SESB also expects when that time arrives, the development in the Ranau area will be intensified since there is no further restraint on SESB to provide electricity to new consumers.

"In addition, the government will also save on fuel subsidies being channelled to SESB as the main source of electricity generation in the Ranau area is from diesel oil," he said.

John added that the Ministry of Rural Development (KPLB) is currently leading the implementation of the Rural Electricity Supply (BELB) project in Sabah and will only be handed over to be managed to SESB once the project is fully completed.

According to him, the internally wired instalment scheme or the Assisted Rural Wiring Scheme (ARWS) is also available to eligible users who consists of those who are less fortunate in Sabah.

"Interested users are advised to get more information and application forms at nearby SESB offices," he explained.

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