Who to know:
Legacy Real Estate

We chatted with a local real estate agency over coffee about who they are, what they are doing, and why we should know them.

After a single Google search of "Kota Kinabalu real estate agency", you will know that the industry here in Sabah is quite a competitive one.

Sifting through your options can be a long and strenuous venture so we met with Legacy Real Estate at Nook Cafe to find out what sets them apart from the rest, just for you.

Legacy Real Estate agents, Donald Dunstan Wong and Yeoh Kok Woe were beyond punctual and were all smiles upon our arrival at Nook Cafe.

Being fairly new to the industry, Yeoh and Donald have spent the past few years immersing themselves in real estate. Meeting people and conversing about the industry is something they love to do.

We try to not only sell, but also to educate.

In a modern world full of investment schemes and viral property gurus, it's not uncommon to fall prey to a plan that might work wonders for someone else and yet, leave your pockets empty.

That's why Legacy Real Estate understands the importance of listening to their client's specific needs.

Donald said, "There’s no one strategy to buy a property for everyone so that’s why, at Legacy we like to talk to our clients to understand each individual and what their purpose is in buying and what factors matter to them.

"Are they buying for themselves? Is this going to be long term? Is this purchase for investment purposes?"

Yeoh Kok Woe

Yeoh Kok Woe

Donald Dunstan Wong

Donald Dunstan Wong

"What are your plans and goals for the future of Legacy Real Estate?"

We sipped the last of our coffee as Yeoh and Donald thought about how far they've come in so little time and how far they plan to grow the company.

Yeoh answered, "We are still very young and are just coming to our second year but we don’t want to just be one of the followers, we want to start something that will set us apart from other agencies.

"Moving forward, we have split our team of 13 agents up into three different groups focusing on areas that consist of projects, sub-sale and also for land development.

"In Kota Kinabalu we don’t have many teams that focus on specific areas whereas if you look at West Malaysia, they have entire agencies that focus on a single area. Our 13 agents can work on growing their team and to build our brand by keeping to quality agents."

For Legacy, ensuring a team of specialized professionals starts from the very beginning. They pay special attention to the hiring process, selecting from a small pool of candidates to interview.

During the interview, if interested, they determine which sector they would excel at. Once the agent is hired, they train them according to their designated sector and that's how you know you are dealing with professionals that truly know what they are working with. They emphasize quality over quantity and are very selective in their process.

Legacy Real Estate also specializes in project marketing, the primary and secondary market​s, land banking and portfolio management. With a database of over 300 listings, clients can rely on the professionals at Legacy to match them with the right property.

For more information about Legacy Real Estate, you may visit their website here - https://www.legacyre.com.my/