Hap Seng: Behind the Brand

Property Hunter sat down with Hap Seng, an innovative and pioneering developer, to learn more about their brand and how they have earned their impeccable reputation.

People talk about location and people talk about affordability.

People also talk about loans and cash flow management and plenty more.

When it comes to investing, there is a mountain of factors one has to consider but an important detail that is often skimmed passed is, how well do you know your developer?

Hap Seng is already a household name in Sabah as a trusted, award-winning developer - and for an array of outstanding reasons. They have buyers who are anticipating the next Hap Seng launch and people who would gladly refer others to their projects.

These days, we tend to get hooked on flashy promotions without giving a second thought when it comes to track records. This could mean massive delays or even abandonment of the project if you are not careful – an agony some were unfortunate to endure.

The Hap Seng name is public-listed and is one of the top brands in Malaysia in terms of market capitalization, which means the ability to weather a slow market or even an economic crisis.

They are a name that is trusted and capable of delivering in any condition, strengthened by the corporation’s 5 other core businesses that includes, plantations, credit financing, automotive, fertilizer trading and building materials manufacturing.

Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad Regional Director, John Tan said, “It’s not just about a company’s financial standing, it should also be about their reputation.”

It is no secret that this state is no stranger to abandoned developments.

However, with Hap Seng’s 40 years portfolio and track record of successfully completing every one of their projects, they can speak with grace that their clients can have full confidence in their ability and reliability.

It should be recognized that not only does Hap Seng always provide guaranteed completions, but their latest Sabah development Kingfisher Putatan Phase 1B completed 22 months ahead of schedule, almost 2 years in advance – an amazing feat to say the least.

Another development, Kingfisher Inanam is also on track to complete on schedule, while Kingfisher Putatan Phase 2B is also following suit. Both these projects are headed to complete on a timely manner thanks to the fact that Hap Seng is critical on having the best contractors and the right people to do the job.

“We never compromise on our contractors and materials. Cheapest is not always the best,” John said, emphasizing their belief in practicality, quality and innovation for all their residential, commercial and retail developments.

Furthermore, Hap Seng Land’s core foundation of enhancing communities puts them at the forefront as Sabah’s leading developer. Over the years, Hap Seng has shown that they have a knack for uncovering potential and developing areas from nothing into something.

Just a few years ago the Sulaman area in Kota Kinabalu had only the bare basics. Hap Seng has watched the locale and its surrounding area grow into a hub of prosperity and activity. Now, Kingfisher in Sulaman is considered one of Kota Kinabalu’s most valuable communities.

“We like to aim at transforming a piece of land into a gem,” says Caroline Yong, Hap Seng’s Deputy Director of Sales and Marketing, speaking with a sparkle in her eye when talking about their achievements and history. They have a passion for growth and consistency in the industry.

Their repeat clients and excellent testimonials are proof that Hap Seng truly values and prioritizes the needs of their buyers and knows how to create properties that make for good investments. “We go in not just to develop our projects, but we build the community and improve the infrastructure in the immediate area as well,” says Caroline.

To get a glimpse of how involved and dedicated people at Hap Seng are to their projects and clients, all are invited to the launching of the entrance lobby of Kingfisher Putatan this Saturday on 6 April 2019, starting at 4pm.

You will be able to experience a Hap Seng project for yourself and admire the attention to detail put into the design and construction of a gorgeous development, right here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.