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All About the Seminar on Road Technology and Technical Manpower in Sarawak

The Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Transportation's 'Seminar on Road Technology and Technical Manpower in Sarawak' prepared Sarawak on the latest methods, technologies, and strategies for future infrastructure development.

Assistant Minister of Coastal Road Datuk Julaihi Narawi said the two-day seminar was necessary in view of various challenges such as different types of peat and soft soil faced by the Sarawak government when constructing infrastructure projects.

"The two-day seminar that we are organising together with the Public Works Department (JKR) Sarawak is to promote improvements in the method of implementation of road and bridge projects in Sarawak, and to expose the participants on the latest method and technology in road and bridge design and construction, but within our budget and long-lasting," he told a press conference.

Julaihi, who is Sebuyau assemblyman, said participants would better understand issues on manpower and material management in project implementation, and be exposed to the latest technology for road and bridge projects, especially in peat areas.

"With the seminar, the state will be able to apply the latest technology for infrastructure projects in the respective areas that suit Sarawak," he said.

Julaihi added the coastal road network and second trunk road are set to improve accessibility for coastal areas.

"The coastal road network is set to provide coastal areas in Sarawak better access as it offers seamless connectivity between towns like Kota Samarahan, Sadong Jaya, Sebuyau, Kabong, Tanjung Manis, Daro, Matu, Balingian, and Bintulu to the Pan Borneo Highway.

"The second trunk road links Kuching-Sibu with the Pan Borneo Highway through Sebuyau-Sri Aman- Betong, and besides better connectivity, the improved travelling time between the coastal towns to interior rural areas will bring substantial socioeconomic development, particularly in the agriculture industry - long-awaited economic development spin-offs anticipated by the local residents in the area," he said.

The seminar involved 23 local and foreign speakers, who presented 26 papers.

The participants were engineers and other professionals from consultant firms, who are involved with the implementation of infrastructure projects in Sarawak.

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