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Water Dams in Sabah Are Running Out of Water


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State Infrastructure Development Minister, Datuk Peter Anthony, says Sabah’s six dams are operating normally at this time but will run out of water in just a few more months. He said the long draught is already affecting some areas in Sabah.

“Apart from the dams, our tank water will also only last a few months. The problem is also occurring in villages in the interior as the source for their gravity-fed water system has dried up.

“To deal with the issue, I’ve asked the Sabah Water Department (JANS) to send an emergency supply of water. However, we’re facing a bit of a problem with not having enough water tankers. 

“We know this drought is distressing and we’re hoping it will rain soon. We’re thankful it rained last night in Kota Kinabalu,” he told reporters after seeing how sewage is treated using micro-organisms at the Dah Yeh Villa pump station in Likas, Tuesday.

He said the sewage pollution caused by a leaking pipeline at two different areas in Likas is expected to be fully resolved in 90 days. 

Anthony said the sewerage pipeline started leaking more than nine months ago, even before he was appointed Minister, and the previous contractor did not complete its works, resulting in the problem getting worst. 

“There would not be any problem now if the previous contractor had done its job,” he said.  

He said the use of the non-toxic and non-pathogenic formula was part of the short-term measures undertaken for cleaning the drainage system from the polluting sewage from the sewerage pipeline leaks. 

“We are confident that this Microbe-Lift will help settle the irritating problem faced by residents in Likas area, including the bad smell coming from the drains polluted by sewage from the leaking sewerage pipeline. It will also help to minimise the pollution in Likas Bay as all the pump stations pumped waste water from the drainage system into the sea,” he said. 

He also instructed for an additional 13 new staff to be employed to work in the 11 pump stations. 

“Similar problem had happened in the past and PWD managed to resolve it. So, I am confident that we will be able to resolve this problem too."

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