clock 28-11-2018
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Please Standby for Property Hunter Movie Nite

Lights! Camera! Action! Property Hunter will be hosting its first ever Movie Nite event, treating selected guests and clients to a special private screening of Robin Hood (2018) at MBO Cinemas, Starling Mall, Damansara Utama in Selangor on 28 November.

The evening will start at 8pm and guests are required to register and collect their tickets for the show. After this is settled, a cocktail and networking session will commence at 8.10pm where guests can mingle and relax before the main event, which is of course, the movie. But wait! Guests will be required to enter the cinema hall 20 minutes before screening at 8.40pm as the winner of a special lucky draw will be announced. Everyone can then sit back and relax before the start of the movie at 9pm. The evening will end as the credits roll on screen and hopefully some will leave good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

Property Hunter Movie Nite is a casual event organized in appreciation to clients and also act as an easy going and quick networking platform for industry players. Of course, the main target is to have everyone unwind a bit, have a memorable evening and enjoy the movie. Cut!

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