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Orchard Plaza, Fine Tuning Tenom

Surrounded by blankets of natural and agricultural greenies, Tenom town is an agricultural hub. Recently, the town was blessed with a newly completed development, Orchard Plaza, which expands the town's commercial precinct by at least 25%.

According to Edward Ng, Managing Director of Glowbest Sdn Bhd, Orchard Plaza is not a new development to replace the old town, but it is an extension of the existing town. He said, "Orchard Plaza is designed to accommodate what Tenom is lack of 3 years ago. We spent a very long research time to find out what Tenom really needs in all aspects.”

Located strategically in the town centre, and soon to be the intersection of all the main highways linked to Tenom, it is also only a stone's throw away from the Wet Market and SEDCO Tamu ground.

Edward explained that Orchard Plaza is not a simply designed commercial development but a more sophisticated design that will sustainably blend into Tenom's economy, by supplying a substantial amount of commercial units that could be converted into SOHO units that could solve the lack of housing and hotel problem in Tenom.

Benny Ng, CEO of Glowbest Sdn Bhd said, "We have done a lot for Tenom, easing up parking and traffic congestion by donating a 100-meter-long mini-bus stop”.

"We are the 3rd party in Sabah to implement urban farming. We also brought in 4g wireless connectivity in the area to enhance the tourism experience, promote local art and culture" he said, adding that it will create more job opportunities and lower the cost of living for people.

Orchard Plaza will definitely help to spur the influx of tourists and the growth of the local economy by encouraging local and foreign investors to import new enterprises, as well as to invigorate and rethink traditional businesses.

"We believe when Orchard Plaza is completed and fully operational, numerous established retail like Bestamart, Ninso, Mr D.I.Y. & 1-Homeware, will be able to bring in cheaper daily goods to the locals" shared Benny.

On 23rd of June, Sabah's Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Junz Wong, announced that smallholders are eligible for the State Government's subsidy for raw rubber material. SMR Factory in Tenom is able to approximately process 12 million kilograms of rubber. The locals will be blessed with the spending power that will stimulate Tenom's economy.

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