Top 10 Most Searched Condominiums in Kota Kinabalu

There is nothing more important than a good, safe, secure home

Condominiums are the most popular choices for residential living in Kota Kinabalu.  There are often seen as the type of property that offers the best of both worlds; price and benefits.

Today’s condominiums are strategically located near business districts, matured neighbourhood or commerce centres, but they are not all affordable to the average investor.

We’ve narrowed them down to ten of the most searched in each category to give you a brief view of what makes these properties so sought after.  

There are a lot of reasons why condominiums are great, especially in the volatile property market we’re in today.

Location plays one of the biggest roles when it comes to choosing your nest but we’re here to tell you that isn’t always the case.

We’ve gathered the top 10 most searched condominiums in Kota Kinabalu in 2018. Take a look at it! (Source: Property Hunter).

The majestic Mount Kinabalu

The majestic Mount Kinabalu

01 – Jesselton Residences (Kota Kinabalu City Centre)

Who wouldn't want to wake up to the beautiful sea view every day? I would! Soaring at 28-storeys high, this development is located beside Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, one of the most visited malls in Kota Kinabalu. It is currently the tallest building in the city with a haven of intimate lifestyle, breathtaking panoramic views of the islands and sea. It's sparsely tenanted at the moment but with its strategic prime location and convenient amenities within reach, this is no doubt one of the best developments to invest in.

02 – Ashton Tower (Kolombong)

Strategically located in the thriving Kolombong township, this 29-storey condominium houses 391 units and four shop lots. Personally, I think the road is not as easily accessible compared to other projects, residents can benefit from the nearby hypermarket, primary and secondary schools located just next to the development. With its fully equipped facilities and beautiful garden deck, this has been dubbed as Kolombong’s attractive investment.

03 – Alam Damai (Damai)

Offering a lush garden city living lifestyle, this development is strategically located at one of Kota Kinabalu’s property hot spot at the fringe of the city centre - Damai. It is one of two condominiums in Damai. I think this development is suitable for M40 families. It is predominantly Chinese oriented but this matured neighbourhood has everything from commercial centres, supermarkets, schools, banks and restaurants as well as medical health care centres.

04 – Jade Residences (Likas)

Located along Jalan Bantayan, off Jalan Tuaran in Likas, this 15-storey condominium offers beautiful views of Likas Bay and Mount Kinabalu. I believe that this is one of the first projects to offer dual key units to investors. It's perfect for medium to high income earners. It's cosy. It's secluded - almost in the middle of nowhere actually, but it's still a beautiful place to live in!

05 – Lido Four Seasons Residences (Kepayan)

A stylish collection of 840 units suitable for the urban family. Although there were issues relating to LAD payment, nonetheless, it feeds into the demand of affordable housing. After all, you take one step foot out of the property and you have a myriad of eateries and a hypermarket waiting for you.

06 – Bay 21 (Likas)

Located in Likas Bay, Bay 21 is two condominium buildings comprising of Bay 21 Condominium and Bay Suites. This million-Ringgit a unit property will satisfy the desires of those who love waking up to the majestic sea view. Surrounded by convenient amenities in a matured neighbourhood, it is a no brainer that this development is popular amongst the Gen Y-ers. This is one of the first few properties to allow owners to run their Airbnb business. It's part commercial, part residential. Just a heads up, I heard that Bay Suites will be built with a commercial title so you can run your Airbnb freely! Keep your eyes peeled for this.

07 – Tropicana Landmark (Bukit Padang)

Located in Bundusan beside Fairway Mansion Condominium, this development boasts a spectacular golf view (Sabah Golf and Country Club). It is also a walking distance away from Bukit Padang recreation park and a few schools. It's a beautiful place to live in but I personally find that this development is a bit too pricey. I believe that traffic congestion can be a bit of a nuisance during peak hours too but nonetheless, this high-end homey condo is suitable for families. Security is pretty tight too - which is a good thing!

08 – The Loft (KK Times Square)

Serving as the residential component of KK Times Square, this development comprises of 5 blocks of 9 to 10-storey serviced apartments, located in the heart of Kota Kinabalu’s commercial district. With the famous KK Waterfront and Sutera Harbour Resort just a stone’s throw away, this world-class integrated development is suitable for working young adults, couples and young professionals. Although Airbnb is prohibited here, some owners are still running the said service due to its convenience for the tourists.

09 – The Suritz (Kolombong)

This is one of the few condominium projects in Kolombong. The facade is fancy, giving it a luxury touch. However, personally, I think it's a pity that the development is tucked in a populous neighbourhood, with minimal road space. There's not much room for car movement but nonetheless, this is one of the few developments which offers spacious units - 1,346sqft and 1,428sqft.

10 – The Light Residences (Penampang)

This 22-storey condominium is one of the few high-rise buildings in Penampang. Home buyers would often whine about only getting 1 car park, this development, however, offers buyers 2 parking lots - without any additional costs! How amazing is that! I believe the road access into this development can be improved; and I'm hopeful that it will - after all, no one likes to get stuck in traffic during peak hours. On a lighter note, just a stone's throw away from this development is the famous Plaza 333 - a place with a myriad of eateries and entertainment joints.

Today, Penampang strives as one of the major industrial and commercial centers within the greater Kota Kinabalu area. So you can expect to see more developments coming up over the next few years.

You’ll meet all kinds of people at condominium open houses: first time buyers looking to get into the market, investors snapping up rental properties and, of course, baby boomers wanting to downsize their space and responsibilities.

All these condominium developments share one thing in common; although they are in prime locations, the traffic congestion in these areas are agonising at times. However, having said that, these locations will boom even more in the years to come, with road upgrades and better facilities.

There’s a lot of buzz about condos in the market right now and there's more to come. So remember to buy within your means and...

Don't wait to buy a property, but buy a property (or two) and wait.