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SHAREDA’s Trip to China’s 3D Printing House

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The nature of the construction industry is changing, mainly driven by technology, the massive urbanization, the need of a more sustainable economy and by an increasing complexity and size of projects.

New trends are currently shaping the construction industry-from innovative business models to new products and processes that are boosting productivity and enhancing efficiency. Innovative technologies that could change the way the industry has traditionally operated should be embraced more fully.

SHAREDA and its SHAREDA Youth members conducted a study trip to China to expand their networking circle and to learn of the Chinese contractors' methodologies and capabilities in using 3D printing for property developments.

The entourage visited Yingchuang Building Technique (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, or better known as Winsun. Having developed the first continuous 3D printer for construction, the company printed the first batch of 10 houses in 2013 - making global headlines. Using a special ink made of cement, sand and fibre, together with a proprietary additive, the printer adds layer by layer to print walls and other components in its factory in Suzhou (China). The walls are then assembled on site.

The use of 3D printing for construction will allow houses to be developed at a fast speed at a reasonable cost. Building affordable houses with this technology is an avenue which can be explored in the years to come. Moreover, the 3D printing technology will be of tremendous help to developers who wish to construct elegant architectures with lavish features and elements.

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