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Too Early to Predict if Typhoon Will Hit Sabah

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The Malaysian Meteorological Department is keeping a close watch on the weather situation nationwide after social media reported that Sabah would be hit by a typhoon before Christmas.

Its director-general, Alui Bahari, said it is too early to predict if Sabah would be hit by a typhoon the weekend before Christmas.

"The movement and intensity of any tropical cyclone is difficult to forecast three or more days ahead due to the vagaries of atmospheric conditions" he said.

Social media and messaging apps also claimed that the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia would be hit by tropical storm Kai Tak before Christmas.

Alui said a low-pressure system over the western Pacific Ocean that was said to hit Sabah between Dec 22 and 24 had not evolved into a typhoon.

"As such, its trajectory cannot be determined yet" he said and advised the public to follow updates on tropical cyclones near the country on its website ( or its smartphone app myCuaca.

Alui said the department was constantly updating the weather in the country and the current weather warning was for heavy downpours over northern and western Sabah as well as northern Sarawak until Dec 20.

"This warning will be updated from time to time depending on the movement and intensity of tropical storm Kai Tak" he said.

The west coast of Sabah has been experiencing heavy rains over the past five days, resulting in flash floods in Kota Belud, Penampang and Keningau.

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