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clock 29-11-2017
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SEDCO Denies Issuing Letter

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Economic Development Corporation (SEDCO) has denied issuing a letter of offer to a company, Abil Intregrated Sdn Bhd, to take over the construction of the Seri Maya Apartment, Lok Kawi Height, which is managed under Sedco's agency, SUDC.

According to Yahamad Budin, Secretary to the Chairman of Sedco, the letter being transmitted is irrelevant and does not carry any purpose.

He advised the public not to be deceived if there were parties claiming to be the company appointed for the project.

At the same time, he also denied another proposed project, Tawau Theme Park, to be built on Sedco's land which has been manipulated by a certain party regarding its approval.

Sedco advised the public to refer to the relevant party at Level 10, Wisma Sedco, if necessary.

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