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China's Top Corporations to Venture Into Upmarket KK Properties

Over the weekend, a handful of top Chinese corporations were in Kota Kinabalu to create win-win collaborations for both countries. They were interested in exploring ways to broaden their horizons and to venture into upmarket properties in Kota Kinabalu.

The Chinese remain committed to fostering and strengthening bilateral relationship with Malaysia to bring further positive progress to both countries.

More than 40 Chinese top general managers from over 30 agencies from Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan and Chengdu paid a visit to Wisma Kinsabina to come together for a common purpose to share property information.

Kinsabina's Chief Operating Officer, Datuk Gerald Goh was on site to welcome the top managers. These ‘cream of the crop' top agencies are members of the RMB10 billion Club in China. It was reported that each of the team's annual sale is over RMB 10 billion. In order for them to stay in the billion-dollar Club, the managers need to maintain their annual deals with not less than RMB10 billion.

Datuk Goh presented brief introductions and shared insights of their ongoing and upcoming residential, commercial & leisure properties projects, namely, Triconic Tower, Zhongsa International Hardware City, City Point Complex and Hotel Suites, Royal Kinabalu Mountain Resort and Hotel Suites and Aman Pesona Beachside Villas.

Datuk Goh said, "Sabah especially Kota Kinabalu is one of the popular destinations in Malaysia among Chinese because of its beautiful islands, sandy beaches, an abundance of fresh seafood, good transportation, health care and education hub. The attention is focused on Malaysia's developments especially properties in Sabah and Kuala Lumpur.”

The group is looking at more innovative ways to create products that would be of interest to the Chinese market. The Chinese agents are encouraged to work together with the Sabahan developers to promote the State as a travel destination because of its peaceful close-to-nature lifestyle.

Goh mentioned, "There are projects such as the ongoing Pan Borneo Highway which will improve the accessibility among towns. I believe there are opportunities to be explored further in this business investment.”

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