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Government Commitment to Low-Carbon Green City Through China Smart Creation Construction Products

Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Transport Minister of Malaysia and President of the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) pointed out that, under the "The Belt and Road” initiative, Malaysia and China will be deepening their collaboration in multiple areas. In a bid to promote technological improvement in the construction industry, property developers will be importing smart China construction products and solutions.

He said that China's Internet and smart technology is developing at a rapid rate, which in turn promotes the advancement of the Smart City concept and the maturity of Smart Building technologies that is relatively inexpensive. This is particularly beneficial for developing countries, such as Malaysia, which is looking to achieve economic transformation.

"Being responsible, the Malaysian government is committed to adopt and create a low-carbon green city. However, to achieve our goal, the cooperation of all those involved is required. On top of this, we will need to embrace modern construction technologies and smart city planning to ensure that our objective is met.”

He also said that Bentong, Pahang will see the establishment of the first "CSC (China Smart Creation) Smart Eco-Valley” and this will be in line with the government's plan for a low-carbon society. The project encompasses three application areas, namely Smart Industry, Smart Living and Smart Management.

Catering to a low-carbon society concept At the launch of "The 2017 Belt and Road (China Smart Creation) Construction Products and Solutions Campaign”, Dato' Sri Liow also commended the event organizers for steering the local property development sector towards intelligentisation through the introduction of economical and practical "China Smart Creation” solutions.

He believes that through a series of activities, local real estate developers, contractors, manufacturers and urban planners with be able to leverage on a shared platform to transform our construction sector and attain greater modernisation, productivity and sustainability.

"I believe that through the collaboration of China-Malaysia construction sectors in production capacity, as well as idea and technology sharing, we will be able to promote economic transformation in Malaysia and achieve the status of a high-income developed country.”

At the event, Dato' Sri Liow also witnessed the MoU signing between China Association for Promoting International Economic and Technical Cooperation (CAPC), Think Tank China, China Foshan Smart Home Industry Association, MCA Belt & Road Centre (MBRACE) and Quantum March Group for a long-term strategic collaboration on the promotion of the "China Smart Creation” construction industry products and solutions. In addition, Dato' Sri Liow saw the unveiling ceremony for "The World Belt & Road's China Smart Creation Construction Industry Association”.

Accelerating the transformation towards a green smart era During his speech, Dato' Sri Alex Chuah Poh Kiang, Campaign Chairman commented that this initiative will be able to enhance technologies used in the local construction industry and accelerate our transformation towards a green smart construction era. This is because the new products and solutions take into account safety, health, eco-friendliness, energy conservation, design and other intelligentised qualities that meet international standards.

He also hopes that this platform will promote China-Malaysia ties in all aspects other than creating business and employment opportunities. Following this initiative, about 100 forums and related workshops is expected to follow in order to promote a deeper understanding of "China Smart Creation” among participants.

"China Smart Creation Lifestyle Experiential Showcase" and "China Smart Creation (CSC) Smart Eco-Valley” will allow organisations and the public to be able to experience "China Smart Creation” products and solutions.

Other distinguished guests at the ceremony includes Datuk Koh Mui Tee, Campaign Vice-Chairman, Ms Cheng LiFei, China Association for Promoting International Economic and Technical Cooperation (CAPC) Advisor, Mr Li Guoyao, China Foshan Smart Home Industry Association Secretary-General, Dato' Mohd Nazifuddin Bin Najib, Quantum March Sdn Bhd Executive Chairman and Dato' Dr. Clement Tan, Quantum March Group Chief Executive Officer.

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