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AirBnB Will Supplement Accommodation Shortage

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Special Tasks Minister Datuk Teo Chee Kang hopes some form of resolution on the proliferating AirBnB issues in Sabah will come out of the 5th Sabah International Surveyors Congress 2017.

Teo said AirBnB, an online broker for people to lease or rent short-term lodging globally, is expected to be the alternative accommodation choice in the Sabah tourism industry.

However, he stressed important issues should be addressed as the fairly new trend in travel industry is making an inroad into Malaysia.

"AirBnB will supplement the shortage of hotel accommodation with soaring room rates at peak seasons. It will definitely have a great impact on the tourism industries in the state" he said.

"The stage is set for the rapid proliferation of AirBnB activities in the state. Yet, there are also issues which need to be tackled.

What is AirBnB, what are the costs and benefits of having AirBnB activities in the state? What are the existing regulations and licensing, and how is the government going to regulate the industries? Should it be located within a residential development?

"Hopefully, some of these pertinent questions will be well explored and answered in the congress" added Teo at the two-day event held by the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (RISM) Sabah Branch on 21 and 22 August.

The minister also encouraged all the players in the property and construction industry to cooperate and find breakthrough solutions to enhance the housing supply chain and delivery system to lower the cost of construction so the state's lower income earners can afford to buy property.

"The government, of course, will render its best endeavour to assist in the construction and supply of more affordable housing.

"Perhaps, RISM Sabah Branch, being the expert in land administration and development planning can take up the formidable challenge to formulate a sustainable affordable housing policy for Sabah, so that the government can implement a more efficient and effective housing policy looking after the housing needs of the people in Sabah" he suggested.

Inaugurated in 2008, the 10th Sabah Surveyors Congress is themed "Property Investment Breakthrough” this year.

Teo described the theme's focus on improvement of the physical property development as an equally important, very timely and appropriate with the government's effort to streamline the process of land conversion for development and the improvement in the delivery system so as to enable prompt issuance of subsidiary titles to the subsidiary owners.


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