By Ahyat Ishak
clock 02-10-2017
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5 REASONS Why You Need to Be a Strategic Property Investor

The property investor today needs to be more strategic in his or her investment decisions. If you are not a strategic property investor, then you are just a mediocre property investor. The strategic investor is the one who profits from both good times and bad times and the mediocre investor is the ones that merely follow the frenzy and hope to strike it good. Here, we look into the five compelling reasons why you need to be a Strategic Property Investor.

WHY #1: Exciting Times! "We are living in the most exciting time in Malaysia's real estate history!” Yes, we are! We are truly living in exciting times! As a young Malaysian, I cannot imagine being alive in any other time than now. There is so much vibrancy in development and excitement in opportunities that we will never see ever in our lifetime. Never has there been this much opportunity to create wealth through property investments.

WHY #2: Troubling Times? The Strategic Property Investor is always excited about the market but never over-excited. This is because he or she understands that there's the other side of the coin. What is the reality of the market today? My son who would look back 30 years from now to this very period, would agree that it would probably have been the best time to be alive as a property investor. But what he wouldn't know was the problems and challenges that many investors face today!

WHY #3: Certainty Is Just a Dream If you wish for certainty in life, you are going to be wishing for a very long time! As a property investor, you need to understand that the only thing certain is uncertainty itself. Everything changes; be it at a local, national, regional, or global level. In property investment, things change all the time. Policies will change, buying and rental trends change, hot locations change, etc.

Knowing the fact that things will change now and in the future, being strategic with your property investments is critical! As a strategist, you'd understand the importance of scenario planning, which is the cornerstone of being strategic, yet so few do it. Only the strategist will be able to adapt to the uncertainties of the property market, and you should too.

WHY #4: Strategist versus Victim If you are not a strategist, you will end up a victim! I don't know about you, but I don't want to be a victim. I want to be a winner in the game of property investments. In this time of excitement and time of concern, and in such uncertain times, you really do not have any choice but to be a strategic property investor. Strategist makes massive profits from both good and bad times. If you are a mediocre or half cooked - pardon my language - investor, I do not see how you will be very successful in the reality of the property market today.

WHY #5: Staying Competitive While we live in exciting times, we too live in times of extreme competition. There are increasingly more property investors coming into the game with increasingly diverse choices. The Strategic Property Investor understands that things won't get any easier, but we must get better!

Mediocre investors hope that things are going to get easier, things won't change, and they never do! The market will only get tougher with new policies and regulations. There will always be more investors in the game. Being strategic is the only way of staying competitive in an increasingly competitive investment market.

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