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24 Resolutions for Tatau Passed to CM

A total of 24 resolutions which were agreed upon by local community leaders here were brought to the attention of Chief Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg during a function on Tuesday.

Perantau advisor Datu Dr Adi Badiozaman Tuah who represented the locals explained the 24 resolutions in detail.

"These resolutions are divided into six fields, namely social wellbeing, economic wellbeing, education facilities, basic infrastructure, recreational and administrative" he said.

On social wellbeing, it was divided into five categories.

The first concerns a village extension programme involving three phases, namely Phase 1 for Malays, Phase 2 for Ibans and Phase 3 for Chinese. Adi said the site had been identified but the funds have yet to be finalised.

The second concerns the upgrading of Tatau Health clinic which needs urgent attention due to the rising population.

The third is the telecommunication network between Tatau and along Jalan Sangan and Nanga Merit.

Fourth, the people in Kuala Tatau need a police station and Fire and Rescue Department station for emergency situations.

Fifth, a concrete wall needs to be erected at the local Chinese cemetery next to the Muslim cemetery to avoid soil erosion.

"On empowering the local economy and improving their livelihood, three areas were identified. They want a well-planned agro industry and small and medium enterprise based on agriculture and fisheries; second is to set up a business premises for Bumiputera at Kuala Tatau road to Serupai; and thirdly, to upgrade the Pasar Tamu in Tatau" Adi said.

On education facilities, the people want to have a new secondary school in Tatau and a skills (agriculture) training centre.

"On basic facilities, the people want the road project from Tatau to Kuala Tatau revived , and the coastal highway connected to the Pan Borneo highway.”

Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) has also been asked to address the problems caused by the unsystematic drainage system in Tatau, which has led to dengue fever cases.

The Sangan water treatment plant needs to be built and the supply of treated water to Serupai be given due attention.

On recreational facilities, five issues were raised – the building of track and field facility; upgrade the waterfront along Sungai Tatau to avoid erosion; to build a recreational park and playground for children; to set up an activity centre for youths; and to create a Tatau icon.

The sixth field included in the resolutions is the proposal to set up a rural administration section in BDA for Tatau and Sebauh or to create a separate Tatau District Council.

"There is also a need to have one representative from Tatau to sit in BDA, to speed up the masterplan in Tatau, and lastly to set up the Kuala Tatau sub-district" Adi said.

Meanwhile, Assistant Minister of Native Laws and Customs and Kakus assemblyman Datuk John Sikie hoped the 24 resolutions would be given due attention by the state and federal governments.

"Sarawakians are lucky to be able to live peacefully together. As long as we reject the extremist groups and strengthen our unity and brotherhood, the government will be able to facilitate the development in Tatau" he said.

Apart from the resolutions, Sikie said there were many other deficiencies in Tatau, and he had personally written a letter to the chief minister and listed all the problems faced by the local people.

One of the requests is the building of 33km-road from Kelebu to Rumah Ado.

"This road will connect 20 longhouses, two primary schools and a clinic, serving a population of over 7,000 people. The former minister of rural and regional development announced an allocation of RM22 million while campaigning during the election at Rumah Jimbai Nanga Kelebu" said Sikie, who hoped the state government could allocate funds for the project as promised.

To cater to the people's needs of treated water supply, he also requested a water treatment plant to be built in Sangan, costing RM200 million, and hoped it could be included in the 11th Malaysia Plan.

He said the current water treatment plant in Sungai Sap could not cater for the increasing domestic consumption.

He also called on the government to ask at least one financial institution to set up a branch in Tatau.

With an increasing population, Tatau also needs another secondary school to complement the congested SMK Tatau. The new school can be built in Sangan about 25km from Tatau, Sikie said.

The government could consider implementing any of these projects by using funds from the Development Bank of Sarawak, he added.



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