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S P Setia Continues to Commemorate World Environment Day With Young Children

Since 2008, S P Setia has been commemorating World Environment Day (WED) to heighten public awareness towards major environmental issues. This year, the country's leading property developer celebrated WED together with a group of selected young children in Penang.

"We once again collaborate with Feed Our Loved Ones (FOLO), a non-profit organisation focusing on a mission to inculcate and promote the value of caring for the environment through educating young students. We hope we can impress upon them the severity of the environmental issues and that they can learn practical steps to overcome these challenges" said Tan Sri Dato' Dr Wan Zahid bin Mohd Noordin, Chairman of S P Setia during the event held at Subterranean Penang International Conference & Exhibition Centre (SETIA SPICE).

A total of 30 students from SK Batu Ferringhi, SJKC Aik Hua and SJK(T) Tasek Permai participated in the event and were thrilled with the event highlight ‘Forest To The Rescue!' activity which saw them working together to build different water filter models using items such as soil, stones, plastic bottles, plants, twigs and small branches.

Also lending leadership strength and show of support for this initiative was Dato' CJ Khor, President & CEO of S P Setia and Datuk Wong Tuck Wai, Deputy President & COO of S P Setia who participated in the activities together with the students.

"The students learnt the importance of forests and plants as a water-filtering and water-retaining agent for our soil, and this will encourage them to protect the greenery that we have as well as appreciate clean water that we so easily take for granted now”, said Tan Sri Dato' Dr Wan Zahid.

The students were also introduced to one of the recently launched Eco-eco mascot named HOPE. They were given a chance to show their creativity by colouring the life-sized mascot together as part of the WED activity. Another highlight of the day was a photography workshop by Team Setia aptly themed ‘Through the Eyes of Children' where the students were given pointers and techniques of capturing the essence of nature and its surroundings in pictures.

It was indeed a fruitful day well-spent, and the students were made more aware of environmental issues through this initiative by S P Setia. "We will continue to engage more activities with young children in the future as they need to know of the environmental issues that the world is facing and learn that everyone can play their part in their own small way in caring for our planet" said Tan Sri Dato' Dr Wan Zahid.

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