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Streetlights to Be Installed Along Pan Borneo Stretch From Sigah Roundabout

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Terrence Siambun has taken to task the State Government and Penampang District Council (PDC) for the delay in the installation of the streetlights along the Pan Borneo Highway stretching from the Sigah roundabout to Kampung Potuki.

Siambun, the State Assemblyman for Moyog, said that there is no need for the PDC to wait for the actual handover of the highway to JKR Sabah to enable them to proceed with the installation of the streetlights.

"Several accidents have already occurred along that stretch of the highway with deaths recorded due to the absence of streetlights.

Siambun also said that the highway's close proximity with houses by its side itself increases the chances for more accidents to happen.

"I have been informed by a villager that a motorcyclist coming out from one of the many houses or junctions along the highway could easily be knocked down by a speeding car along this highway because the area is too dark" he said.

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