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LED Lights May Be the Next Cost-Saving Move for Landed Properties

WPC Cascadia Sdn Bhd's (WPC Cascadia) latest all-in-one solar LED lights are a cost-saving alternative for landed home owners in Sarawak.

The all-in-one or three-in-one solar LED light is a more compact version of the previous models which includes the solar panel, LED lights, and battery all being built into one equipment.

WPC Cascadia imports these solar LED lights from China, with the manufacturer giving all products three years warranty each.

Advantages of these solar LED lights include the fact that there is no need for wiring and costs when installing the equipment. These lights require easy and simple installation that can be done even by the customers themselves.

For example, for bungalow or semi-detached houses with large compounds, if wiring were involved as with other conventional lighting equipment, it would mean having to spend quite a bit on installing the wiring for the entire fencing or external walls surrounding the property.

In addition, after many years, these wirings will eventually wear out and thus cause electric outages.

By utilising these solar LED lights for their outside compound, customers will also be able to save on electric bills. When customers install a few of these solar LED lights around the compound, they will not need to use any of the carporch or other lights which use electricity - thus saving on electricity bills.

Overall, these solar LED lights are priced economically when compared to other types of models out there which would involve adding on the installation costs, wiring costs, electric bills and others.

On the charging time for these solar LED lights, it ranges from eight to 10 hours. Depending on the size, one charge of these lights can be used on average between 20 to 36 hours. This means that even if the next few days there are no sunlight to charge the solar panels, the solar LED lights will still have enough energy stored from the previous charging to be used for the next few nights.

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