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One Belt One Road Benefits Sabah, Nation
Sabah News
18 May 17
clock 18-05-2017
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Malaysia stands to be among the greatest beneficiaries of this new Chinese initiative in our region. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is a key attendee at Belt and Road Forum, and, among the most enthusiastic national leaders for this new Silk Road.

China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative will impact industries, businessmen, farmers and even students in Malaysia especially when China has committed to step up investments for infrastructure projects and import more fresh pineapples and palm oil.

Najib, who was on a five-day visit to Beijing, said the ‘One Belt One Road Initiative’ would derive massive benefits to Malaysia in terms of excellent infrastructure, connectivity, social facilities, better living standards and abundant business opportunities.

"Sabah and Sarawak have also benefited from this visit. In Sarawak, a joint-venture factory producing methanol and derivatives will be built at a cost of RM2bil and is estimated to be completed in 2021", he said.

"In Sabah, a cooperation agreement to develop The Shore worth RM572.96mil has also been signed," he added.

Najib said he was confident that Malaysia would be able to develop the e-commerce industry through the initiative in which Malaysia would become the hub of digital economy in Southeast Asia with an estimated double-digit growth.

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