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UFO Flagship Store to Attract More Tourist

Sabahans know the hype when it comes to UFO tarts, one of State's many famous delicacies.

Shaped like an imaginary flying saucer from another world, it is believed to have originated in Sandakan back in 1955 when Hainanese baker Fu Ah Oh accidentally burnt some tarts.

A cult favourite of Sabahans who also call it Ngau Si Dui or "piles of cow dung”, the tarts are actually a fluffy sponge cake topped with a swirl of meringue and custard.

Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment, YB Datuk Seri Panglima Masidi Manjun officiated the flagship Cow Dung Tart shop in Suria Sabah on Sunday, April 30.

"We must acknowledge that Sabah is one of the biggest tourism hotspots to date and hopefully with this famous delicacy store opened here, it'll attract more tourists, namely the Chinese, Korean and Thai", said Masidi.

The tourism industry was been blossoming in Kota Kinabalu as of lately with more direct flights coming into the capital city from China, Thailand, Korea, to name a few.

The grand opening saw a buy 2 free 1 for 100 lucky buyers. Visitors were also given a chance to spin the lucky wheel for more freebies.

Cow Dung Tart comes in 7 different flavours; classic original, chocolate cheese, blueberry cheese, tiramisu cheese, matcha cheese, oreo cheese and durian king.

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