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How to (Inexpensively) Boost Your Rental Appeal

Do not judge a book by its cover -- apparently, this adage doesn't apply when it comes to attracting potential tenants. Ideally, your rental should be clean, clutter-free and aesthetically-pleasing in order to attract (and retain) tenants. However, ‘pimping-up' your rental doesn't necessarily have to break your budget. Believe it or not, small changes and little adjustments can make a whole lot of difference. Read over to find out how...

What can you do?

Keep a neat lawn If you're letting out a piece of landed property, the most important thing to do is to keep your lawn neatly manicured and your bushes trimmed. Nothing puts potential tenants off more than lack of maintenance on a property and a well-maintained garden speaks volumes about the level of maintenance inside the property. Even better, offer to provide bimonthly garden maintenance as part of the rental deal. It saves tenants a lot of hassle on the upkeep of the property and makes it easier to rent out again in the future. It's also a good idea to change your mailbox if it's old and rusty.

Change the curtains Before welcoming your potential tenants for a walk-through, be sure to change the little things like your curtains, if it's already old and drab, and change old, non-functioning light bulbs with new ones. Other little things you could replace include shower curtains, toilet seat, cushion covers and your old doormat, which are relatively inexpensive. They are also able to perk up your property space instantly.

Go stainless steel A simple way to make a home look more sophisticated is by installing stainless steel appliances (for fully-furnished properties), especially in the kitchen. Plus, appliances made of stainless steel are easier to clean and last longer, reads: fewer replacements required in between.

Install a carport If your property doesn't have a designated shaded car park, installing a carport (covered structure for vehicles) provides great added value. Many people are concerned about protecting their vehicles from natural elements. There are many portable carports/instant garages sold online that are easy to install and dismantle, therefore, consider this a good investment.

Paint a feature wall One of the easiest ways to brighten up a room is by painting a fresh coat of paint on a feature wall. Pick from an array of cheery and uplifting neutral colours such as powder blue, sky grey or lavender. Alternatively, if you are good with art and craft, you can also put up a DIY wallpaper on the feature wall. Pick from a selection of neutral hues and classic designs as to suit more potential tenant's tastes.

Offer weekly cleaning services Just like a well-maintained lawn, a well-maintained interior is key to making your property as appealing as possible. Offer to include weekly cleaning services (included in the rental) for your potential tenant, like a serviced apartment but by your own initiative. Consider this as an added value to your property.

Replace rickety doors and rotted window sills If your property is older than 10 years old, chances are, your doors and windows are already showing signs of wear and tear. More than for merely aesthetic purposes, rickety doors and rotted window sills should be maintained regularly as a safety precaution. As a compulsory procedure, door knobs and locks should be changed each time there is a change of tenancy. You never know how many other people have spare keys to your property when it's being let out!

These are the simplest ways to boost your rental appeal without having to break the bank. Apply some creativity (and common sense) and watch your rental income grow!

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