By YK Hwong
clock 27-04-2017
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Parking Woes in KK Condos

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If you're one that likes to read about juicy gossip the news regularly, you may have stumbled upon some news not too long ago about a "Datuk Seri” in Penang having a showdown with security forces. This guy apparently lost his cool because his car got clamped down for parking too long at a temporary parking space. However, for those of you who have stayed or are currently staying in a condo here in KK, will surely understand that finding a parking spot is just like winning the 4D lottery.

A common scenario that we can all relate to is this: you keep circling and circling and circling the premises, lose your patience, and settle for parking under a tree that's 1km away.

Common sights of endless cars parked on both sides of the road leading up to the condo itself is nothing rare. Sometimes the smart strategy for the "battle of the parking spots" is by having to come home earlier than you're supposed to. And once you've found that spot, you cling to it for dear life and ask your friend to pick you up for dinner so that you wouldn't lose it. This battle repeats Every day. I feel you, because I, myself have gone through this many times too.

See, the problem is, most condos today only come with 1 parking for a standard-sized unit. But, everyone knows that families in Malaysia – at least the ones I know – own at least 2 cars or more. This is where the dilemma begins and this is why you see cars parked along the roadside, the drain, under trees, on the kerb, double park, triple park, illegal park….and if you drive a small car like a Kancil, even wedged in between parking. Basically, anywhere anyone can squeeze their cars into.

If you're thinking of about buying a condo for your own stay, I suggest you get at least 2 carparks. Otherwise, a few years down the road, it will be a nightmare once the area has fully matured and is fully occupied.

Developers are well aware of this problem, but to build a single carpark space can cost them as much as RM10,000 to RM20,000 per lot. Why so high you ask? Two words – land cost. Land cost here means that the same space used for a parking space costs a developer to lose their Nett Sellable Area (yes, I just made that term up). So, if 1 parking space uses 20sf of space for a 90-degree angle parking, 50 parking spaces would equate to 1000sf of space. If 500 units mean 600 parking spaces and another 80 visitors' parking, then the total would be 680 x 20 = 13,600sf for parking. And 13,600sf ÷ 1000sf per unit equates to roughly 10 condo units! But wait! You still have to add in the roads to get to the parking, which further eats into the land space. The more carparks a developer has to build, the lesser units the developer can sell. Basically, more carparks mean less $$$ for them.

So, if you can find a condo that comes with 2 parking space, please do consider it!

However, do take note of these:

1. Whether the parking space provided is side by side or in tandem (front and back), choose the one that's side by side. Tandem parkings are tedious for when you want to leave earlier in the morning but you happen to have parked in the front and your housemate or wife blocks your car from behind. Imagine having to tell your wife to hurry up in the mornings while she's getting ready….

2. This is extremely important, but consider where your parking space is located. I've a friend who recently got the OC for her apartment in Lido and got the shock of her life. Basically, she only found out then that she has to circle up 8 times just to reach her parking spot! 8 times up and 8 times down. That's 16 times having to circle around the parking every time she wants to go in and out each day. Imagine coming home after a night of drinking with friends and having to circle up 8 times just to get home. Ok, but please don't drink and circle up and down condos, kids!

Now, where can you find these 2-parking space condos? On top of my head, the Surian Residence, Suritz Condo, the Light Residence offer 2 car parks for most of their units, whereas with Gamuda's Bantayan Residence, you can buy extra carpark when needed which I think is awesome. If you have the money, then you definitely should buy another one. I guarantee you that it's worth it. And even if you don't us it, you can still rent it out for a nice little profit. Someone I know that owns many apartment units in a certain place here rents out her carparks to other tenants for 150 every month. She doesn't use any of the parking spaces, so, why not?

However unlikely this might be, I do hope that developers would consider providing 2 parking spaces for their new developments. But for now, I guess we would all have to just get used to parking at the side of the road or under a tree, only to find bird crap on your car the next morning.

Such is life...


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