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Crucial Builders' Role in Green Construction

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The construction industry plays a critical role in promoting green construction by conforming to the guideline as provided for in the green building index, said Mayor Datuk Yeo Boon Hai.

"Conformance is vital like when we are faced with the daunting task of tackling large amounts of illegal waste dumping within Kota Kinabalu city," he said while officiating at the Earth Day 2017 celebration at the Oceanus Waterfront Mall on Saturday, April 22.

Yeo's speech was delivered by City Hall Deputy Director General (Operations) Noorliza Awang Alip.

"The application of green construction as part of the sustainable development concept will enable us to meet our present needs without having to deprive our future generations of the same needs.

"City Hall has long been an advocate and driving force towards the green environment, particularly reduction of waste at source," he said.

"The formulation of a solid waste master plan will provide us with the strategies, plans and implementation programmes that will promote a cleaner and greener environment for the city," he added.

Yeo said he was pleased to see the level of commitment from all industry players especially the construction industry players who seek 'to do better' in a green environment.

"The next step is to put our commitment into action. I believe the industry is similarly ready to do the same.

"Let us, therefore, work towards a greener environment and create a living environment for our future generations, this is also, in line with City Hall's vision to make 'Kota Kinabalu a clean, green and liveable city'", he said.

Yeo also said that he was very happy to cooperate and give his full support to non-government organisations such as Sabah Construction and Domestic Waste Management Association (SCDWA) to develop and implement the necessary strategies, plans to address the illegal waste dumping issues and to enhance public awareness among the city dwellers in the city.

Green environment, especially in construction, has been a topic of great interest in the local construction industry over the last few years, he said.

"I am delighted to learn that the industry is keen to join hands with the non-government organisations to further enhance our living environment."

Also present were City Hall Director of Research and Innovation Department Benedick Oliver Lidadun, SCDWA president Steve Yeo and Oceanus Waterfront Mall general manager Mall operations Yong Kwo Gee.


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