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Now, Condos Are Better Than Landed Houses

I'm certain that many people disagree with this statement, thinking, "No way! Does this guy know what he's talking about?”. Perhaps, so please read on.

First things, first. Let's talk about the strong points of a condo today.

1. More secure and safe Today, it is a fact that Malaysia has become a very safe place…for criminals, that is. The number 1 concern for most house buyers surveyed stated that safety is their TOP priority. Now, condos have an advantage due to their three layers of security, such as the boom gates, lobby access, card access, and in-house security with CCTVs.

Then there is the nature of the barrier of entry, which is usually 1 access door into your unit, which means that as long as that door is secure enough to even keep Spiderman away, then you're sorted. As for landed houses, there are just too many points of entry and many choices for unwanted guests to get through your door.

2. Rental Yield Rentals for condominiums have always been higher than that of landed houses - don't ask me why, but if you do some research, you'll find that a 1090sq ft unit at Alam Damai will be rented out for RM2000, fully-furnished. That's RM1.8 per/sq ft compared to a fully furnished landed terrace house in Foh Sang, which, at 1800 sq ft, would rent out for RM1800, which is RM1 per/sq ft.

For a more high-end condo, like Peak Vista, this is even more so, which is at RM3500 for 129 sq ft, whereas Golden Hill, with its superior space of at least 2000 sq ft built-up and its 2 carparks, would go for around RM3000 per month.

3. Better Views Now I don't know about you, but waking up to a spectacular sea view is one of the best ways to start your day. But with landed houses, they are generally not built on higher ground - although there are a few out there - hence, your outside views are essentially your immediate surroundings. However, having a park or a lake in the area is a bonus, but more often than not, you mostly see your neighbours.

4. Less hassle and better facilities Most tenants these days prefer renting because maybe they're from out of town, don't have the luxury of time, or are just too lazy to commit to a garden. So, condos are the easier option. You get to enjoy having a garden without having to put in the work. You also have other facilities compared to a landed house, such as a pool, gym, BBQ pit, and for some, even a sky garden.

When going for a vacation leaving behind a condo, it only takes pressing the buttons in the lift. But going on vacation leaving behind a house, is much like brain surgery. Lock the windows, lock the doors, lock the grills, lock the gate, the side door, turn the alarm on, set the security cameras…the list goes on.

5. Better Location, less commute time Condos are usually located in areas where there is a lot of demand for housing. But these days, the land is expensive, so to maximise profits, developers would think, "Why build only a row of terraced houses when I can build 20 rows condos?” Which is why they build "up”. With the escalating land costs, very few developers would build landed houses in a prime location. And even if they would, the price you pay for it will be very, very high to justify the land cost.

So, if you want to have more sleep time and just wake up 15 minutes before going to work, you should stay in a condo.

6. Less renovation costs This is because condos today usually come with things like laminated floorings, air conditioning, sometimes both dry and wet kitchens. So, it's less work and money saving, unlike landed where you have to renovate from the entrance of the house, all the way to the roof (which with condos, the maintenance fees will usually take care of it).

7. Cool factor Sometimes it's just cool to stay high up in the air, so to speak. Of course, some people just prefer landed no matter what. And 9 out of 10 times it's because, with landed, you own the land, and it's nice to feel the dirt on your feet. That's something that I can argue with, but if you look at the changes in the lifestyle of the newer generation, they no longer want to spend much time at home, instead, more time outside seeking entertainment and adventure.

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