clock 13-02-2017
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Pan Borneo to Be Game Changer for Sabah

Pan Borneo Highway Sabah is a multi-billion ringgit Federal Government's project to upgrade road connectivity thus bringing the State to a higher level in terms of socio-economic development.

The project is scheduled to be fully completed by end of 2021 and is expected to create a positive impact on the infrastructure landscape and socio-economy in Sabah.

The project involves widening the existing roads to the four-lane dual carriageway and building a new coastal highway and new expressway/bypass.

Once completed, this highway will be a real game changer for Sabah as its impact on the state will be long-term and continuous. The highway's impact is believed to bring Sabah to the next level of socio-economic development.

The construction for Papar-Donggongon stretch fairs well as roads have been widened for a smoother ride.

The total distance of the project is 706km covering Tawau in Southeast, Simpang Mengayau in the North and Sindumin in Southwest.

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