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New TAR UC Sabah Campus Can Accommodate 3,000

February 7 marks a significant moment for Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) Sabah Branch in its 15 years since its conception.

From its humble beginnings back in May 2002 in an office house within Kian Kok Middle School, to its current site at Donggongon New Township commercial lot, TAR UC Sabah branch now has a home - a purpose-built campus which will see TAR UC Sabah branch providing more young Sabahans with the opportunity to pursue good quality tertiary education closer to home.

This new campus with the capacity to cater for 3,000 students would allow TAR UC Sabah to introduce and broaden the number and types of programmes not only at diploma level but also at bachelor's degree and postgraduate levels.

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, formerly known as TAR College, is a premier institution of higher learning in Malaysia with a track record of excellence for 48 years. Its brand is synonymous with holistic education and is well recognised locally and internationally among the academic fraternity and professional bodies. The university college has educated more than 180,000 graduates many of whom are leaders in various sectors and industries in Malaysia.

"We (particular I myself) are very excited about the current turn of events. This is a historical moment for Sabah TAR UC" said Dr Pamela Yong, a member of the board of governors.

She added: "The campus will comprise four blocks of a building consisting of two lecture and tutorial blocks, one administrative block, and a cafeteria and student centre block. In terms of recreational facilities, the new Sabah Branch Campus will be well-equipped with a unique rooftop sports facilities such as a swimming pool, a gymnasium, basketball, futsal and badminton courts to offer a balanced lifestyle for the students in our quest to provide a truly conducive environment for education.

"Not only is it our hope that when the new campus is up and running in two years' time, TAR UC Sabah will be able to provide top notch and affordable tertiary education negating the need to venture to West Malaysia. It may also attract students from within the country and also internationally, thus lifting Sabah's status as an education hub.

"On that note, I would like to, on behalf of TAR UC Sabah and all Sabahans, accord our deepest appreciation to Tan Sri Dato' Sri Richard Koh Kin Lip and his family for their generous contribution of their land towards better education for our future Sabahans, contributing towards the state's development of highly sought after calibered human capital" she said.

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