What to Invest in Kota Kinabalu? (Mature Properties)

The hottest type of property by research!

Every quarter of the year, research is done to observe the property market in KK, Sabah. Thanks to these sources, I present to you, the hottest properties in the market as of the last quarter of 2018! However, if you are a foreign friend who wish to invest in KK read this article instead!

The sample properties in the list have all had steady price growth over the years! Click HERE to see my source for this article. Keep in mind that these properties are quite matured. If you want new projects, there is also a list of new properties in this article HERE.

Landed Properties

2-Storey Properties

Taman Jindo, Taman Sri Borneo, Luyang Perdana, Taman Indah Permai, Ujana Kingfisher, Millenium Heights and Golden Hill Garden.

Why Here?

All mentioned properties have facilities and amenities like commercial business buildings, grocery market, banks, eateries, clinics or hospitals and education institutes, everything within 3 km. Also...

This chart proves that the distance from the residence to KK city center and Kota Kinabalu International (KKIA) is not the big factor when homebuyers are deciding. Looking at how most of the residences are less than 5km away from the main highway it is evident that the actual factor would be distance to highways.

Credit to The Edge for this chart, showing the rental growth of these properties:

The tabulated data above shows the rent growth of the various properties. These properties have stable rent increments, and as the property value goes up, facilities and amenities also improves around them. It helps that these residences are mostly found in mature areas.

1-Storey Properties

Taman Tuan Huat, Taman Nelly Phase 9, Taman Sri Kepayan.

Why here?

Upon research, these properties seems to have good amenities and facilities around them however it is at a further distance range compared to 2-storey properties which is 3 - 7 km. Most of these properties are either surrounded by residential or commercial business buildings.

Just like before, distance to the highway seems to be the deciding factor.

Similar rate of rent growth with 2-storey properties. However,it seems like the facilities and amenities around it is not directly related to the growth. (My opinion) Per observation, most of them are at the center of multiple main roads heading to the highway. The multiple option going to the highway might be the reason for the market value.


Bayshore Condominium, Marina Court, Radiant Tower, The Peak Condominium.

Why here???

If we refer to the chart below..

All of them are located less than 6 km to the city center giving them good access to all types of facilities and amenities. Even when the distances are more than 4 km away from the city center, these condominiums are still within mature town areas. Some condominiums with the same qualities but was not listed here includes: 1Borneo Condominium, Alam Damai Condominium, Likas and Jesselton Condo.

Some properties were excluded because it does not fulfill the criteria of stable rent growth in 2018, referring to the figure above. It is very hard to determine other reason for the market value growth because of the almost similar feature and benefits of each property. (My opinion) However, I think it might depends on the size of the unit and its popularity.


Matured properties have their charm and can actually be good investment options. Keep in mind that accessibility to the main road or highway is a big factor as well as the facilities and amenities around the property.

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